"Leading Change" 2014 ISLMA Annual Conference

November 6th-8th

Below you will find handouts and presentations by this year's presenters.

Thursday Morning Session Workshops
Seminar 1: Carl Heine "Teaching Information Fluency"

Seminar 2: Jonathan Hunt "Best Books for Middle School"

Seminar 3: Corrie Ball "Behind the Scenes at Panthers on the News: Creating Student Centered News Broadcasts" Link to presentation website

Seminar 4: Gretchen Zaitzeff, Jim Kurz and Shannon Maney-Magnuson "1:1 Implementation @ Your School and in Your Library: Making It Work"
Seminar 5: Kathleen March "What's New and Notable in Non-Fiction Books for the K-12 Classroom?"

Seminar 6: Samantha Conklin "Technology Supports for Reading, Writing, and Research: A Look at Assistive Technologies and Web-Based Tools to Support Universal Design for Learning"

Seminar 7: Byron Holdiman "Literacy Across the Disciplines with Primary Sources

Thursday Afternoon Session Workshops
Seminar 8: Tom Gross "Rolling the Dice with Gaming in the Library"

Seminar 9: Jonathan Hunt "Best Books for High School"

Seminar 10: Laura Beltchenko "Standards and Test and Libraries, OH MY!"

Seminar 11: Dr. Deborah Stevenson "How the Center for Children's Books Can Help You"

Seminar 12: Kathleen March "What's New and Notable in Fiction Books for the K-5 Classroom?"

Seminar 13: Janice Del Negro "Folktales Aloud: Practical Advice for Playful Storytelling"

Friday Keynote Speaker
Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers Blog "Leading Students in a Hyperconnected World"

Friday Morning Session Workshops
W1: Lane Young "I Don't Dewey, iBrowse"

W2: Dorsey Chambers "Getting to the Core of Your Battle of the Books Program"

W3: Mary Greska "The Amazing Race Geography and Research Skills in a Brutally Competitive Environment"

W4: Janet Jungk "Targeting CCSS and District Initiatives through the Library media Program"

W5: Tom Gross and Jason Carr "Rolling the Dice with Gaming in the Library"

W6: Judy Bauman "Danielson for LRC Directors: Making it Easy and Understandable"

W7: Elisa Gall, Jane Harper, & Kefira Philippe "Reading Programs for Student Success"

W9: Jonathan Hunt "Best Books for Middle and High School"

W10: Michele McDaniel "Monarch Family Reading Night"

W11: Neha Thakkar "Center Your Library"

W12: Gail Janz "Becoming a Key Player in Common Core/Read for Information/LBSS Grant Winners Panel Discussion"

W13: Sally Decker Smith "Be the Change, Lead the Change"

W14: Karrie Fisher "Little Free Libraries at Schools"

W15: Shelley Riskin "Stronger Together: Forming Your Own Networking Group"

W16: Janet Jungk "Repurpose, Renovate and Rejuvenate Your Media Center"

W17: Carolyn Kinsella "You Can Do It! Academic Research in High School"

W18: Stephani Edell "Outside the Library Walls"

W19: Erin Wyatt "School Libraries 2020: Igniting a Vision for the Future"
Here's the compiled slides from all the Ignite Talks.

W20: Richard Byrne "Blogging and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders"

W21: Jonathan Hunt "Caldecott Medal and Honor Books and Process"

W22: Kai Rush "What Can Google Drive Do for Your Library" https://sites.google.com/site/rushstreetclass/

W23: Barbara Fiehn "LGBTQ Characters in Books for Elementary Students"

W24: Georgeann Burch "Beyond Lexiles Part 1: The Other 2/3 of Reading Complexity"

W25: Kelly Stulgate "Working Together: School and Public Libraries"

Friday Afternoon Session Workshops
W26: Karrie Fisher "Cafe Biblioteca-Experiential Reading"

W27: Nancy Wadin "Engaging ELL's in the Library"

W28: Laura Beltchenko "Illustrations in Children's Literature, What Pictures Can Teach Us About Visual Literacy and Comprehension"

W29: Amy Lingafelter & Eva Thurman-Keup "We Survived 1:1! The Continued Opportunities & Challenges We Survived 1 : 1 Presentation We Survived 1 : 1 Padlet

W30: Allison Bava "Read Up a SWARM!"

W31: Elizabeth Buenning "Collaborative iPads: The Library in Your Hands"

W32: Gretchen Zaitzeff "Have You Read...? Reader's Advisory for Secondary Students"
W33: Kathleen March "What's New and Noteable in Fiction Books for the K-5 Classroom"

W34: Linda Lucke "Integrating Literacy and the Arts with Innovative Change"

W35: Barbara Fiehn "Privacy and Confidentiality: Issues for School Libraries"

W36: Georgeann Burch "Beyond Lexiles Part 2: Bringing Theory Down to Earth"

W37: Retiree Session

W38: Lauren Ochs "Beyond Organizing Books: How to Keep All the Other "Stuff" In It's Place" http://goo.gl/efvtPZ

W39: Bridget Wilmot "Reluctant Learners: Research in One Day and Beyond"
Schoology Big6 Group Resource Page (Case-sensitive group access code: C4CMZ-N8GPV)
Presentation Mindomo Map

W40: Leah Giarritano "March BOOK Madness"

W41: Unshelved Guys "Graphic Novels from the Inside"

W42: Lou Ann Jacobs "Latest Info From Springfield"

W43: Emily Sergeant "Googlists: Researchers in the Digital Age" Googlists

W44: Terrance Newell "Using Digital Game-Based Workbooks to Integrate Simulated Problem-Solving Experiences into School Libraries" - PROGRAM CANCELLED

W45: Kathleen March "Truth is Stranger than Fiction K-12"

W46 Tom Bober "Analyzing Primary Sources in Elementary Schools" http://goo.gl/4jRcmW

W47: Patti Fleser, Leanna Fifhause "21st Century Learning Spaces" Google Presentation

W48: Jeanne Brucher "Information Cycle Senior Seminars: How Databases Defeated Google" Infocycle Googe Site

W49: Anna Kim "Connecting through Tumblr"

W50: Jane Lenser "Poverty in Our Schools: A 'Make and Take' Presentation"

W51: Marc Garneau "Researching and Curating with iPads"

W52: Sarah Lorraine "Digital Book Talks" - PROGRAM CANCELLED

W53: Lisa Talbert "We Present...Samples SLO's"

W54: Janet Anderson and Marsha Voigt "How a Cohort Can Change Everything" How we FINALLY Found the Secret to Getting Teachers to Work With Us! ppt site

W55: Julie Jurgens "Blood Pie & Dangerous Girls: Engineering Excellent Author Visits for Your School"

W56: Corrie Ball "Behind Scenes at Panthers on the News: Creating Student-Centered News Broadcasts"
Link to presentation website

W57: Jennifer Bromann-Bender "Booktalking Nonfiction"

W58: Angie Green "Essential Resources for Every Teacher-Librarian"

W59: Christy Semande "Worth the Work: the Genrefication of a HS Library"

W60: Latrice Ferguson "The Stages of True Collaboration: Concrete Steps for Moving Towards True Collaboration"

W61: Bonita Slovinski "Change Students Minds About Reading Through the Caudill Program"

Friday Awards Banquet Speakers
Gene Ambaum & Bill Barnes, The Unshelved Guys "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Library"

Saturday Morning Session Workshops
W62: Shannon Miller "10 Digital Tools"

W63: Alison Personette "The Social Library" :

W64: Deidre Winterhalter "Monarch Madness!"

W65: Christine Pulgar "Hosting an All School Read-A-Thon Fundraiser"

W66: Jennifer Bromann-Bender "Writing Books for Children and Young Adults"

W67: Mary Jo Matousek "Hard CORE Organizers for the COMMON Educator"

W68: Laura Murray & Mike Lowery "Got Smart Cookies? Let Their Imaginations Loose with the Gingerbread Man"

W69: Hall of Ideas

W70: Erin Preder "Level Up in the Library"

W71: Bill Buczinsky "Reading and Writing with Great Poetic Voices"

W72: Gail Janz "Becoming a Key Player in Common Core/Read for Information/LBSS Grant Winners Panel Discussion"

W73: Matthew Stuczynski and Susan Peterson "Invisible Web"

W74: Toby Rajput "Embracing Shades of Gray- My Sibert Year"

W75: Shannon Miller "How to be a Connected School Leader"

W76: Leslie Hesterman "The Inquiry Process and Sparking Curiosity with Artifacts"

W77: Cynthia Garbutt "The Wonder of Bringing Literature and Digital Technology Together"

W78: Bromann and Authors "Getting Published"

W79: Georgeann Burch "A Course, An Endorsement, or a Degree: The GSLIS LEEP (Online Education) Program and You"

W80: Sia Paganis "Building Community: Incorporating Social Emotional Learning in the Library"

W81: Brian Pichman, Evolve Project "Designing Interactive Learning Spaces on Limited Budgets"

W82: John Schumacher "Xtreme Tactics from an Xtreme Librarian" http://mrschureads.blogspot.com/2014/08/todays-kidlit-sticker-2014-2015-school_20.html

W83: Colleen Herman (with K. Hlousek and E. Currie) "Layering Apps as We Layer on Common Core"

W84: Terri Grief "But I Hate to Read"

W85: Amy Atkinson "Stage Fright No More: Tips and Tricks for Engaging Read-A-Louds and Sensational Storytelling"

W86: Kristy Rieger "Google Sites for Librarians"

Saturday Author Awards Luncheon
Author Showcase PowerPoint

Saturday Afternoon Session Workshops
W87: Veronda Pitchford "eRead Illinois: Get the Scoop on Scoping and Much, Much More"

W88: Carrie Light "Behind the Scenes of the Bluestem List"

W89: Anita Beaman "Teaching Our Teachers: Librarians as Staff Developers" - PROGRAM CANCELLED

W90: Amy Bland, Jennette Gonzalez, Kat Femel, Christie Sylvester, & Lisa Dettling "Reading with the Abes" - 2015 ABE Booktalking Presentation, Promoting the Abe Program in 10 Steps

W91: Ryan Lambert "Living on the Edge: Flipping Your Library to a Research Center"

W92: Alicia Wiechert and Corrie Ball "Transform Your Library Instruction with Apps" Link to Powerpoint

W93: Anna Kim "Connecting Through Tumblr"

W94: John Schumacher "AASL's Best Websites and Apps for Teaching and Learning"

W95: Lauren Colleen "Community Engagement with Little Free Libraries"

W96: Gail Janz "Becoming a Key Player in Common Core/Read for Information/LBSS Grant Winners Panel Discussion"

W97: Dr. Diana Zaleski "Measuring Student Growth" - PROGRAM CANCELLED

W98: Sharon Peterson "QR Codes: Connecting Students to Digital Resources"

Saturday Afternoon Keynote Speaker
Shannon McClintock Miller, Van Meter School "Be the Change You Want to See"