The Structure of School Libraries
This site page is a place for school librarians to enter information about the libraries and the work of the librarians in their district or other districts they know about. To add information or to see information about about a particular school or district, first click on the area code for the regional office of education. This step serves to group the data by general geographical area. Then you
may fill in information on the chart. If you have questions, you may contact me at

On the next page, if you scroll down below the chart, you will see directions for making a link to a page that provides space for you to provide more information. This page is very similar to the one you should find. Information about Libraries in Schools


If you do the complete process, you will have needed to create a new page. To do that, you will need to join Wikispaces and log in. Some people created a link to their district website instead of creating a new page. While this may be helpful to people,
it does not give further information about the libraries in the district. Obviously, I have been having some difficulty being clear about what I am asking. If anyone has suggestions for how to be clearer, please make those changes or let me know.