How to Edit this Wiki

How to edit pages that are already created:

1. On left hand side under Navigation, click on link to desired page.
2. On this page, click on Edit this Page in the middle of the top of the page.
3. Edit the page.
4. Click on Save in the bottom left hand corner of the page or the right hand side of the Editor Toolbar.

How to create a new page:

1. Before you can create a new page, you need to join Wikispaces and sign in.
2. Click on New Page in the top left hand corner.
3. Write the name of your page in the space provided.
4. Click "Create".

To create a link to your page from the homepage:

1. On the bottom of the left hand side, click on "edit navigation".
2. Type in the name of the page you want to link to.
3. Highlight.
4. Click the link icon. (the unbroken chain)
5. Click on the wiki link tab.
6. If the page is not listed in the Page Name window, scroll down and highlight it.
(If you use the same name for the linked text as you did for the name of the page, then
the page should be listed in the Page Name window.
7. Click on Add Link.
(If you happen to lose the page you created, then you may go to "Recent Changes" (top left hand corner) OR
Manage Wiki > Pages > Orphaned Tab in order to find the name of it.