Creating Video Games

The following websites allow users to create their own video games. Please comment on how helpful you
think any of them would be in the classroom or annotate as you see appropriate.

Two complete curricula from Scholastic that allow students to create games. (Gamestar Mechanic is for beginner to intermediate students, and Activate! is for intermediate to advanced students.) Full program details, as well as an in-depth teacher's guide, are available on the site.

ProProfs Brain Games
Games created here can be embedded into blog/web site.

This site includes the software to make Word Search, Crossword Puzzles, Sliding Puzzle Game, Jigsaw Puzzle,
Hangman, and Word Scrabble.

They also have many other kinds of games. I really liked playing
the logic games I saw. Warning: don't try them if you're running late.
Haven't tried any of them with students yet.

Purpose Games

Sounds a bit simpler, article didn't say these were embeddable

Most of these games require the player to identify something. Famous paintings, language,
anatomy. The geography games are awesome. Great practice to help the user learn where
different countries, states, etc. are located. They do have a cloud of tags that show which
tags are most popular. I don't know how difficult these games are to make.

Class Tools (For some reason I can't make the link work. If anyone else would like to, please do so.)

As the name implies, much of what they have are tools for teachers to use in the
classroom. I copied their list of templates.