• A Listing of Blogs from Illinois School Libraries

ISLMA Blog - http://islmablog.wordpress.com/


  • Community High School District 94, Eric Bodwell & Donna Leahy
http://wegolrc.blogspot.com <--- Blog
http://www.d94.org/lrcweb/lrcindex.htm <--- LRC web page

  • Lincoln Park High School, Fernando Herranz and Lindsey Mangurten
www.lphslibrary.org LRC web page

  • Glenbard South High School, Stephanie Wallace, Diane Mankowski, & Kelly Raymond
http://southlibrary.ning.com/<--- Blog/Ning
http://glenbardsouthhs.org/sitepages/library/library <--- LRC web page

  • Lake Forest High School, Kerry Littel and Laura Grigg
http://www.lfhslibrarybookblog.blogspot.com <---- Blog
http://lfhs.org/academics/library/index.html <---- LMC web page

  • New Trier High School, Deborah Lazar
http://abemob.blogspot.com/ (new blog for books nominated for the 2009 Abe Lincoln Award )
Creating the blog is the easy part. . .promoting it and getting staff and students to participate is the "trick". . .We have started to experiment with audio book reviews and we would like to start creating some student audio reviews for the 2009 Abe Lincoln List . . . I also think the blogs can serve as a great place to congregate some book links, especially ones that appeal to teens . . .Let's keep sharing our ideas. How do we get more participation?- Can one blog serve both staff and students? Other???

  • Nicholas Senn High School, Hanna Przybylski
http://sennlibrary.blogspot.com/ = A student centered blog and website that promotes books, reading and learning. It is a work in progress.

  • Paris High School, Sarah Hill
http://www.paristigerslibrary.blogspot.com/ = Combination library website and blog
http://tigersread.blogspot.com/ = my spot to review books, YA and adult

  • Prairie Ridge High School, Amy V. Bland
http://prhowl.blogspot.com = Book Reviews, news on reading, writing, culture
http://www.d155.org/pr/library = library website
Using a FrontPage form for students to submit book reviews has been really helpful in getting student-generated content to post on the blog. A few English teachers have really enjoyed getting students' reviews forwarded to them via email. Yet having the time to update the blog frequently is not always easy! It happens in spurts for me. Also, if you do decide to create a blog with blogger.com PLEASE remember to remove the navigation bar at the top. The "Next Blog" is often something we don't want our kids seeing.

  • Resurrection High School, Mary Klemundt
http://reshslibrary.edublogs.org = library blog; used for posting research and assignment help, reading recommendations, new books, and announcements;
http://www.reshs.org/snav/31/page.htm = library website with generally static content;

  • Riverside Brookfield High School, Doreen Fritz and Alicia Duell
http://bulldog-bananabread.blogspot.com/ = Alicia's blog, which includes what she's reading, reviews, polls, announcements, links, etc.
http://rbhsbooktalk.blogspot.com/ = Doreen's blog, which merely seeks to invite students and staff to join in on the discussion about books.
http://www.rbhs208.org/LITFINAL/Lithome.htm = our library website

  • Stevenson High School, Lisa Dettling
Blogs are always a work in progress. I like to post student book reviews.

  • Thornton Fractional North High School, Paulette Wall
Ms. Wall's Newsletter & Blog: http://pmwall.wordpress.com/
Thornton Fractional North High School Library Website: http://north.tfd215.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=42537&type=d

  • University Laboratory High School, Frances Jacobson Harris
Gargoyles Loose in the Library http://www.uni.uiuc.edu/library/blog
Going strong as a work-in-progress since 2004!

  • Highland Middle School, Erin Wyatt

  • Lake Bluff Middle School, Katie Kirsch

  • Barrington Middle School - Prairie Campus, Mary Stec
http://lmcprairie.blogspot.com/ - After attending a workshop Erin Wyatt and Katie Kirsch presented at the ICE conference, I was inspired to try my hand at blogging. This is definitely a work in progress

  • Barrington Middle School - Station Campus, Kathy Hempel
http://stationlmc.blogspot.com/ work in progress, hoping to get students to contribute as well. . .

  • Madison Junior High, Tracy Jeffrey

The Joseph Sears School Library Tech. Center, Elisabeth LeBris (District 38)
http://lebrisary.blogspot.com/ Just got this started in April. Looking forward to having it progress with the 5th - 8th graders-here's hoping!
http://lebrisary2.blogspot.com this is more of a professional to professional blog. I started it as an experiment this summer with our tech.coor. who had a group of us exploring PLNs. A work in progress.

  • Woodland Middle School, Andrea Perrin

  • Berkeley District 87, Susie Narkis
http://mrsnarkisbookblog.blogspot.com/ - Mostly consists of book summaries (not full-fledged reviews) but I try to do several every month. Lots of author links, too.

  • Mark Twain School, Pat Salvatini
http://iheartsbooks2.blogspot.com/ - News and views of all things librariany.
http://toomanybooks.edublogs.org/ - Recent reads and brief reviews

  • Bement Elementary/Middle School
I just started this last spring. Recent reads as well as comments from students on books they are reading.

  • Carrie Busey Elementary School (Champaign Unit 4 Schools, Savoy) Christine Hahn Cahill
http://carriebuseylibrary.weebly.com/ New in August 2012