Camille Born. Although I've never experienced her myself, I've heard good things about Camille Born's storytelling. She's in Mahomet which is in the 217 area code. Her rates look very reasonable.

Chris Bradford spoke to the 6-8 grades in 2009. He offered a lively and humorous presentation, which included multimedia and martial arts demonstration components. (North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, IL)

Chris Grabenstein spoke to our 6-8 graders, fall 2014. Gave a great presentation on building a story, characters, dialog and getting the hook. He did an improvisational story building, literally pulling words that kids wrote on cards out of his pocket. Phenomenal speaker, great with kids. Generous with his time. Cost? Buy 100 of his books and cover his travel expenses, that's it. No appearance fee. (Kathy Hempel, Station Middle School, Dist 220)

Fern Schumer Chapman spoke to 6-8 graders in Libertyville in 2011. She had a multimedia presentation about Is It Night and Day? and Motherland, books about her mother's experience as one of the 1000 children rescued from Germany during hte early days of World War II. She lives in the northern suburbs and was a pleasure to work with. You can contact her via email at

We had author Cinda Chima here in January of 2010. She did a fantastic job, in case anyone else would be interested in hosting her. We went in with some other area schools to have her. She not only spoke about her books but also about the writing process, and she related well to the high school students. They were particularly impressed with how many times she had to rewrite her drafts. She is a very friendly person to host and also flexible if changes are needed. You can contact her at her web site, (Roanoke-Benson High School)

Sharon Creech spoke to grades 3-7 in 2009. Besides doing a reading from the novel, which included one of our students, she left plenty of time for questions. Her experience as a teacher was apparent in her presentation. (North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, IL)

Tim Green spoke to grades 5 and 6 in Lincolnshire (Dist 103) in 2013. Two separate presentations, both highly engaging and motivational. Easy to work with; PA is his wife. Pricey, but worth it. Tim sent us 10 add'l copies of his new novel after his presentation because there was such an increase in the circulation of his work.

Candace Fleming spoke to K-5 students in 2009. She did a fantastic job of tailoring each presentation to the age of the children (K, 1-2, 3-4, 5). She was personable and funny. She talked about where she gets ideas for her books. She has books appropriate for all elementary grades. The teachers thought she was excellent. Highest recommendation. She lives in the Chicago area. (Jill Berry, Elm School, Burr Ridge, IL)

Shannon Hale spoke to the 6-8 grades in 2008, with arrangement by the Book Stall in Winnetka. She offered an account of how she became a writer, including reading from some of the rejection letters she received before publishing her first book. Definitely made a connection with the audience. (North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, IL)

Tom Lichtenheld gave an outstanding presentation to our K-5 school in 2011. He provided a CD with lots of resource materials to prepare the students before the visit. We had presentations for K, 1-2, 3-4, and 5, and each was perfectly targeted for that grade level. Both the students and teachers loved the presentations.
Students helped create a story that he illustrated. It tied in perfectly with our writing curriculum. One teacher said, "That was as good as it gets." I was concerned that he might not be engaging for the 5th graders, but they loved his books and the presentation. (Jill Berry, Elm School, Burr Ridge)

David Lubar came to our school October, 2008. He was reasonable, very funny. Not only did he do 3 presentations per grade level, each a little different, with the kids, he stayed all day and did a writer's workshop. $1800 was very good for all day. (Station Middle School, Barrington, IL)

Margaret McMullen came and she was terrific. She captured our 5-7th graders with her genuine warmth and humor. She talked about her life and the various roads that led to her different books. She is highly recommended. (Sears School, Kenilworth)

Sherri Duskey Rinker visited our school in January 2012. She was enthusiastic and funny. Our K-2 students were very much engaged by her presenation. Her book, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, is currently #1 on the NYT Best Sellers list. The teachers thought the presentation was excellent and really encouraged students to read and to persevere even when things are hard. She's a great author for K-2 or K-3. (Jill Berry, Elm School, Burr Ridge)

Suzanne Slade came to our school in February, 2011. She gave four presentations to our pre-k to 6th grade students. She did a fabulous job tailoring each presentation to the specific age group. She talked about the long process of becoming published and showed how one book, Climbing Lincoln's Steps, became published from start to finish. With the younger students, she read Animals are Sleeping and used props and student volunteers to engage the students. She was funny and the students and staff loved her. (Harrison School, Wonder Lake, IL)

Roland Smith came to our school September, 2007. He has a tailored powerpoint for each grade level. He did 3 presentations as well as spent a separate hour with special ed students who wouldn't have benefited from a large group experience. Excellent speaker with a great sense of humor.

Jordan Sonnenblick did our One Book, One School with two presentations and a writers' workshop. The visit was awesome and the kids are still talking about it. He even sat in and played drums with our jazz band! Highly Recommended
Betty Buenning, Lake Zurich Middle School South (Lake Zurich, IL)

Ruth Spiro visited our school in January & was fantastic!! She adapted her three presentations so they were age appropriate for all of our k-5 students. She even followed up with students after the visit. I highly recommend her if you're looking for for a visiting author in the future!! (Glenview, IL)

Frederick School just had the author Alan St. Jean in to do both whole grade assemblies and writing workshops for our fifth and sixth grade students. He was very well received by both the students and teachers. The students liked his multi-media assembly and enjoyed the class writing workshops that followed the assemblies. I liked the fact that he was very understanding of our needs and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate both teachers and students. (Frederick School, Grayslake, IL)

Sally Walker did presentations for Kindergarten, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th in 2008. Her presentations focused on research and the publishing process. Each was customized to be age appropriate. Highly recommend. Illinois Based (North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, IL)

Eric Rohmann visited our school in December of 2009. He was absolutely amazing! He spoke to early childhood, kindergarten, first and second grade students about his books and their creation. Due to our schedule, all the grade levels were mixed together. His presentations were completely age appropriate to each age group. I was there for each appearance, and each one was a bit different. He maintained interest and engagement with all the students. I highly recommend him! (Betsy Ross Primary School, Prospect Heights)

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